A Message from the Co-Presidents

St. Vital Agricultural Society's
107th Annual Display and Fair
Celebrates 2016 International Year of Pulses

Pulses? What are pulses? They are the nutritionally-dense, edible seeds from legumes such as chickpeas, split peas, beans and lentils. If you like black bean burritos, lentil soup and hummus, you are already enjoying pulses. Pulses are high in fibre and protein, and contain important vitamins and minerals, making them very heart healthy.

Why are we celebrating pulses?  In addition to being nutritious, they are affordable, costing a fraction of the cost of meat. They are sustainable since they enrich the soil, reducing the need for fertilizers and require little water. And they are versatile as pulses can be cooked and added to salads, soups, wraps, pasta and milled into flour for baking.

Special appreciation to all who believe in the importance of the St. Vital Agricultural Society, especially the Board of Directors, members and volunteers, whose involvement is greatly valued. As always, many thanks to our generous sponsors and advertisers who are so supportive of the fair and other activities.

St. Vital Fair is a great event to gather with family and friends. There are wonderful things to see and to learn, so please join us as we celebrate pulses, very important crops in Manitoba. 

See you at the fair.


Karen Jack                                    Karen Irvine

Co-President                                 Co-President

Membership Information and Benefits

Membership Type Yearly Fee Membership Benefits
Adult $5.00 An Adult membership allows the member to submit 5 free entries in the classes at the Fair. Each additional entry is 25 cents.
Junior (16 years and under) $3.00* A Junior entry fee allows the member unlimited number of entries in the Junior classes.


*If the Junior Members also submit entries in the Adult classes, they will require a $5.00 membership and will still be entitled to unlimited entries in the Junior classes and 5 free entries in the Adult classes with a 25 cent fee for each additional entry.

2016 Board of Directors

Karen Jack - Co-President
Karen Irvine - Co-President
Janice Fischer - Vice President
Val Johnson - Past President
Don Fischer - Treasurer



Don Berthman, Judy Berthman, Karen Fontaine, Debbie Innes, Joy Leschasin, Joyce Schwartz, Oliver Trnka

Honorary Life Members

Mr. B. deBeer, Mrs. J. Schwartz, Mrs. R. O'Neill, Mrs. J. Tod